Our fundamental mission is to help the players that train with us maximize their potential and in turn ignite their passion for the game of Hockey. Please know that Power Skating is at the core of everything that we do, as Power Skating is the core skill in the game of hockey. At its essence, our program is designed to help our players play better hockey. We have found that the optimal way to do that is to have passionate coaches teaching the most critical Skills and with Skating as the key component of our training.

The Driscoll Skating & Skills curriculum combines a progression of both Skating Edge Work and Power Skating drills delivered with a progression of teaching points and instruction that we have found to be the most effective. We certainly understand and appreciate that Hockey requires additional Skills beyond the art of Skating and we incorporate Stickhandling and Passing with Movement into our curriculum.

If you choose Driscoll Skating & Skills for your child, the expectation should be that your child will be a noticeably better skater and a better hockey player at the end of our program.


“Make no mistake about it, skating is the most important skill in the game of hockey. Tim Driscoll and his team know how to teach power skating to players of all ages and abilities.”

Tim Burke
Director of Scouting
NHL San Jose Sharks