Spring Clinics at most locations are ten 80-minute sessions. (Note: Boston Sports Institute | Wellesley will offer ten 95-minute sessions).

Spring Clinic sessions will feature 55 minutes of Skating and Edge Work and 25 minutes of Stickhandling and Passing with Movement. The Core Curriculum includes: Inside Edge; Outside Edge; Single Leg Edge Work; Crossovers; Open Hip; Tight Turns; Long Stride; Backwards Skating; Defensive Skating and Pivots. Spring Clinics Programs are limited to 30 players, and we will maintain a player:coach ratio of no more than 6:1.

Note: At most Spring locations we offer multiple training days (e.g., Stoneham Arena has a Monday program and a Tuesday program). If you have a conflict on a given day, please feel free to flex into another training session at the same location, but please let Tim know beforehand so that we can manage numbers.

We strongly believe that the Spring and Summer months should be dedicated to individual skill development. Skating is by far the most important skill in the game of hockey, and as the speed of the game increases at all levels, the importance of Skating will continue to be the most important skill.

Philosophically, we are focused on helping hockey players grow their passion for the game of hockey. Immersing the players in a positive hockey-rich environment and teaching them the most critical skills will boost their self-confidence and help them grow their passion for the game. Our coaches have had success at the collegiate and professional level, but most importantly they have demonstrated to me that they have the willingness and ability to share their love of the game with our players.