Skills for Hockey Programs

Driscoll Skating & Skills is the sole Skills provider for Brookline Youth Hockey and Allston-Brighton Youth Hockey. We have also created custom programs for Wellesley Youth Hockey, Newton Youth Hockey and Winchester Youth Hockey. We work with our partners in an effort to understand their unique circumstances and customize our programs to produce the optimal program for their skaters, understanding that every program is unique.

The most powerful differentiator between our program and other Skills providers is that we start with the fundamental belief that we can help all players become better skaters. We are not interested in a “Check the Skills Box” mentality, we set the bar higher than that. We have found that there is tremendous benefit for programs that partner with us and share our belief that teaching players how to skate better should be the foundation of a Skills program. Programs that do the best job of teaching its players how to skate will keep more players in the program.

If you share our belief that Skating is the most important Skill in Hockey and are interested in partnering with a Skills partner that will act in your best interests, please call me at 617-800-4042.

Tim Driscoll
Driscoll Skating & Skills