Mission Statement

Driscoll Skating & Skills was created with the primary objective of teaching players of all ages and abilities to become better skaters. We share a passion for Power Skating and enjoy sharing our hockey knowledge with the players that we work with. We recognize that both time and money can be scarce resources and we seek to maximize the value of both.

Our curriculum combines a progression of both skating edge work and Power Skating drills delivered with a progression of teaching points and instruction that we have found to be the most effective. Our player:coach ratio for our Spring and Summer programs is never greater than 6:1, and the coaches that are on the ice are experienced Power Skating instructors. We get in the weeds with our skaters and we coach. Our pace of play is deliberate as we work to advance the understanding of the game of Hockey.

Please know that Power Skating is at the core of everything that we do, as Power Skating is the core skill in the game of hockey. We do recognize and appreciate that Hockey requires Skills beyond Skating and we incorporate Stickhandling and Passing with Movement into our curriculum.

If you choose Driscoll Skating & Skills for your child, the expectation should be that your child will be a noticeably better skater and have a higher Hockey IQ at the end of the program if they fully participate in our program.

100% Money Back Guarantee to any family that enrolls in a Driscoll Skating & Skills program www.driscollhockey.com and does not feel that their child is learning how to become a better skater after two sessions.