Tuesdays & Thursdays: Boston Sports Institute August – Pee Wees and older | U12 and older

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Boston Sports Institute August – Pee Wees and older | U12 and older

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Boston Sports Institute August – Pee Wees and older | U12 and older

Boston Sports Institute
900 Worcester Street
Wellesley, MA 02482

Tuesday and Thursday
August 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27

7:25- 9:00 pm older group (Pee Wees and older | U12 and older)

August $650

Summer Training: More intensive training (longer sessions on the ice and more sessions total) allows us the freedom to explore more material. Limit 24 players on the ice.

Training Philosophy:

We are firm believers that the Spring and Summer months should be dedicated to individual skill development. We further believe that Skating is by far the most important skill in the game of hockey, and as the speed of the game increases at all levels, the importance of skating will continue to be the most important skill. Skating is at the foundation of all other skills and is the most valuable Skill. (e.g., Stickhandling without moving at optimal speed and not being able to skate to get in position to shoot the puck or make a defensive play are strong examples of the importance of Skating relative to other Skills).

Philosophically, we are focused on helping hockey players have more success. Most of our coaches played professionally after having a lot of success at the collegiate level. Most importantly, all of our coaches have demonstrated to me a willingness and ability to share their knowledge with the players that we work with. We don’t use whistles and we generally don’t use cones. We are not trying to fake anyone out, simply passionate about teaching the best stuff. Every progression ultimately leads to players moving full speed puck on stick (offensively) or moving at the right speed with body, feet and stick in optimal position (defensively).

Our ultimate goal is to share everything that we know about the game of hockey with the players that we work with in an effort to help them grow their passion for the game that we love.

How much training with us is enough? When your player steps on the ice with us and doesn’t improve, it is time to do something else. One of our coaches played at UMass Amherst two years ago and he has shared with me that his skating is better now than it was when he played at the Division One level. A common comment amongst our staff is “I wish I knew then what I know now.” If we are doing our job, players will not advance beyond our curriculum, we will continue to push them gently beyond their comfort zone.

Will my child like training with Driscoll Skating & Skills: The proof is in the pudding. Players generally realize very quickly that they are getting better which boosts their confidence and self-esteem.