Warrior Day Camp

Warrior Day Camp

Driscoll Skating & Skills

Warrior Day Camp

Summer 2019: Weeks of August 12 and 19

Two Week Program, Ten Days Total (Monday-Friday)

30 hours of On-ice Training

Full Day Camp

Warrior Ice Arena

Train Where the Boston Bruins Train While the Bruins Train*

  • Program features 30 hours of On-ice Training (20 hours of Power Skating and Edge Work and 10 hours of Stickhandling with Movement) and player:coach ratio of 6:1
  • Driscoll Skating & Skills Power Skating Curriculum. 20 hours of training. Designed by hockey players for hockey players. Train Inside and Outside Edges; Single Leg Edge Work; Crossovers; Long Stride; Arc Skating; Open Hip; Backwards Skating; and Defensive Skating.
  • Driscoll Skating & Skills Stickhandling and Passing Curriculum. 10 hours of on-ice training. Focus on Top Hand and Bottom Hand functionality and developing proficiency handling the puck through instruction and repetition. Stationary Stickhandling Patterns on and off-ice graduating to Stickhandling at Top Speed with the entire Skating Curriculum.
  • Watch the Boston Bruins Train (*Note: It is not guaranteed that the Bruins will be training at Warrior at this time, but highly likely. If so, we will sit in the stands and watch how National Hockey League players prepare for the season).
  • Improve Hockey IQ: Train with Hockey IntelliGym, a video-game-like training program designed to improve cognitive performance of competitive hockey players. Developed by United States Air Force fighter pilots and adopted by USA Hockey National Team Development ProgramHockey IntelliGym trains a broad range of cognitive skills, such as perception, anticipation, decision making under pressure, spatial awareness and pattern recognition.  
  • Values, Joy and Creativity Training: Designed to improve mental awareness and emotional well-being of each player.

Typical Daily Schedule:
8:30-9:00 Check-in Players and Parents
9:00-10:00 IntelliGym Training
10:00-11:00 On-ice Stickhandling and Passing
11:00-12:00 Watch Boston Bruins Development Camp
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:30 Off-ice Stickhandling
1:30-2:30 Video, Values, Joy and Creativity Program
2:30-4:30 Power Skating
4:30-5:00 Check-out Players and Parents

Please Note: Due to Warrior Ice Arena ice scheduling, on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the first week (August 12,14 and 15), Arrival will be at 10:30 a.m. and Check-out will be at 6:30 p.m.

I am always available on my cell phone 617-800-4042