Driscoll Skating & Skills

Driscoll Skating & Skills

Driscoll Skating & Skills

Sundays: September 16,23,30 | October 7,14,21,28 | November 4, 11,18

Simoni Rink in Cambridge
155 Gore St
Cambridge, MA 02141

6:30 – 9:20 PM

Cost: $850

 100% Money Back Guarantee to any family that enrolls in a Driscoll Skating & Skills program www.driscollhockey.com and does not feel that their child is learning how to be a better skater after two sessions. 

Driscoll Skating & Skills will be offering a Skills program at Simoni Rink in Cambridge. Sunday evenings 6:30 – 7:50 (Stickhandling) and 8:00 – 9:20 (Power Skating). Ten consecutive Sundays beginning Sunday, September 16 and ending Sunday, November 18.The focus of both programs will be to lay a solid Skills foundation for all players at the beginning of the season that will advance their Skill development and translate to more success on the ice.

Stickhandling 6:30 – 7:50 PM
Program will focus on the proper technique and appropriate game usage of the most effective stickhandling patterns. Teaching will concentrate on puck protection and puck movement, synchronizing fine motor skills and incorporating full body awareness: visual, mental, upper body and lower body elements. Top and bottom hand functionality. Through repetition and correction players will improve their stickhandling. Goal of the program is to effectuate practice to game transfer of the curriculum, i.e., implement better stickhandling in game situations.
Power Skating 8:00 – 9:20 PM
Twelve week curriculum that will cover the most important elements of Power Skating. Curriculum will focus on Inside Edges; Outside Edges; Single Leg Edge Work; Long Stride; Crossovers; Open Hip; Tight Turns; Punch Step; Backwards Skating; and Defensive Skating Tactics.

Our approach is simple. We create a positive, hockey-rich environment that is primarily dedicated to teaching Power Skating. Our pace of play is deliberate and we follow a teaching blueprint: i) explanation of the drill; ii) demonstration of the drill by an instructor; iii) player performs drill; iv) correction of player at individual level v) repeat as necessary vi) move on to the following progression of the drill. We are always working towards execution of Power Skating movements at top speed. Extremely hands-on approach that values proper explanation and demonstration.

We have designed a progressive curriculum of drills that breaks down each Power Skating movement into its smaller individual components. The drills are accompanied by teaching and instruction that is also progressive, i.e., we tackle the basics of each drill first and then move towards mastery of each drill.

We have found that players of all ages and skill levels benefit greatly from our approach.

Below please find clips of NHL players executing the Power Skating techniques to their advantage in NHL games. Each session will feature specific Power Skating components which include: Inside/Outside Edge; Long Stride; Crossovers; Tight Turns and Punch Step; Open Hip; Backwards Skating; Defensive Skating:

Jack Eichel : Long Stride


Connor McDavid : Crossovers

Sidney Crosby : Punch Step

Sidney Crosby : Open Hip

Erik Karlsson : Progressive Skating System

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